Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Trans-National Stature of Ayurveda - Need Ambassadors!

Med-e-Talks 2018 is being held on 26th of January at The Lalit Asok Bengaluru. The conference aims at “Developing the winning strategies that enhance the quality, care, and marketing innovations”. This healthcare conference is incorporating medical fields and digital healthcare service providers to share the ideas, knowledge, and experience in all the areas which is related to hospital management.

Ayurveda Across National Boundaries

The expansion of India’s Ayurvedic medical sector into other countries shows the popularity and the natural treatment likeness among the people globally. By tracking the flow of Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals in other countries, we need more ambassadors for the sector to represent us globally. Ayurveda which is an ancient system of healthcare and is famous for its holistic effect on mind and body that attracts a large number of people from abroad every year. The unassailable and efficacy nature of Ayurveda can be promoted globally only with passionate ambassadors.

Professor Dr. G.G. Gangadharan, Ayurvedacharya, and Director of Ramaiah Indic Specialty Ayurveda – Restoration Hospital, Bengaluru, India.He is the person who has dedicated himself to the propagation of traditional Ayurveda knowledge and local health traditions.His endeavor is to continuously pursue excellence in Ayurveda in order to be a catalyst in the renaissance of Ayurveda.


Prof.Dr. G.G. Gangadharan will address the topic “Trans-National Stature of Ayurveda-Need Ambassadors”  which enhance the reachability of ayurvedic treatment worldwide.

Med-e-Talks 2018 stands unique with key sessions which are handled by eminent speakers and the talks which will cover all the aspects of healthcare society. The main sessions of the event are
  • Keynote-Quality Innovation for superior patient care by Dr.Girdhar Gyani
  • Disruptive technologies,devices  and software  applications in Healthcare by Mr.U.K.Ananthapadmanabhan
  • My journey in Vitiligo and Patient care beyond shores by Dr.Anantha Prasad Holla
  • Future of Healthcare Marketing-Digital and Social by Mr. Hemant Radhakrishnan
  • Innovative marketing through 2 Ps and disease profiling by Prof. Dr. Ashok Thiakarajan
  • How Medical Practitioners can contribute for successful online marketing &  Medical Tourism by Dr.Saravanan Lakshmanan
  • Making the business of healthcare healthy by Mr. P. Neelakannan
  • The wow factor in patient care - insights by Dr.R.Chandrasekar
  • Trans-National  Stature of Ayurveda - Need Ambassadors by Prof. Dr. G. G. Gangadharan
  • The Best of India and Japan by Mr. Takashi Maki


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