Thursday, 7 December 2017

MelanoSite Medetalks 2018 : Pavilion to Enlarge the network

Bangalore is going to host the 4th International Health Care Conference- MelanoSite Medetalks 2018 which aims at bringing health care industry leaders and small to medium players together. This is a pavilion where existing networks can be strengthened and new ones formed. The collaborators are from varied fields in the health care industry starting from Multi-Specialty Hospital CEO’s to small clinic owners. This chain also includes management professionals, students, doctors’ marketers etc.

Medical Tourism in India

The advent of medical tourism has seen a big leap in last few years. People from different parts of the world are tempted by their new found fondness for our traditional healing forms in Ayurveda.This has generated lot of buzz and the Indian Medical Tourism industry is growing every year.
The abundance in expert doctors, surgeons and the hospitals that provide luxurious facilities to the patients attracts foreigners to avail hospital services in India. This could also be a clincher of the future growth of the industry.

Sessions of MelanoSite Medetalks 2018

  • Key Note-Quality Innovation For Superior Patient Care
  • Building Patient Relationships Beyond Shores 
  • Technology Innovations for patient care and satisfaction
  • Decision support system in Hospital Admin
  • Adoption of Technology and Patient Care through cross-cultural amalgamation
  • Future of Healthcare Marketing-Digital and Social
  • Bringing out the "WOW" through Service Quality
  • Tariff Bundling through Marketing Innovations
  • Managing Medico Legal-Current Challenges
  • Management of ALOS and Patient Rotation through Discharge Process


Anvita Tours2health is organiser for the summit that is going to be held in Bangalore in January 2018.Besides providing a platform for different players of health care industries to come together and speak about issues they would also be looking at expanding existing network of hospitals, clinics and doctors to new locations and new areas of specialisation.

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